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July 9, 2434

Barren, Mitchell D., Staff Sergeant

4th Fleet, 4th Fleet Security Forces (FSF)


Dear Mom,


I don’t know where to begin.  You and Dad always taught me to be honest and you all know that I would never lie to you, but there are plenty of things we experience that are better left unsaid.  Please understand that what you are about to read is because you were going to find out anyways and my hope is that this letter gets to you before the news coverage.  You know how the media can be.

The Galactic Freedom Initiative attempted a minor attack on the installation a few days ago.  I, and everyone else stationed here, are OK. The attack was brief and clearly not planned. There were no Fleet casualties and we captured the few troops that managed to escape their craft before it exploded.  We detected the enemy ship with plenty of time for our orbital defense system to do its thing.

A few troop carriers were able to get out before the ship exploded in orbit but either they didn’t know our orbital defenses were up and running, or they didn’t care.  I was conducting a secondary scouting mission on that cave system I told you about last week and had some of our engineers with me making some plans for an outpost when the enemy ship came out of orbit.

Fleet’s main concern was losing track of the troop carriers and them being able to establish any kind of foothold so my team and I were dispatched to keep an eye on them while Fleet Marines were assembling at our base.  We left the engineers at the cave system and were able to find the troop carriers a few miles further out. They were dangerously close to our base but there weren’t enough of them to warrant any kind of serious military threat.

I don’t know what the news will report, but there was about 500 of them.  We observed them unloading their transports and then scuttle them. They knew we would capture them within the hour and they wouldn’t be able to hide or defend them so all exploded with a thunderous boom.

We followed them for several miles while doing our best to avoid their scouting patrols and reporting their movements back to headquarters.  They were moving towards a large town that wasn’t much further when we came across one of their scouting patrols. They had a great tactical position and there was no cover for a large enough section along the route.  We were caught in short firefight.

We were able to put down most of them but not before they were able to communicate with the larger body that we were following them.  It was too late for them at that point anyways. They were still several miles away from the nearest town when a Marine battalion and air support arrived and were able to head them off.

They may have had more men but we controlled the air and all the Marines had to do was keep them from moving forward.  One of the craft gave a quick weapons demonstration and that was clearly enough for the GFI. They set their weapons down and surrendered to the Marines.  No one was injured or killed once the Marines got there. Whoever was in charge knew they had no tactical options.

I don’t know how the media found out about it but the short engagement was plastered all over the local news sources and the local population started to point fingers at us.  They claimed that the GFI had no interest in their planet until we came along so any incident from our arrival on would be our fault.

They act as if the GFI wasn’t planning on further expansion themselves.  I have to admit though, this attack concerns the higher ups a lot more than they are willing to publicly admit.  We know that they have spacecraft, but their supply of war vessels, according to our intelligence, is supposed to be pretty scarce.  If that is the case, I don’t know, and I doubt FleetCom does either, why they would waste a war vessel on such a doomed attack.

I am starting to wish that Dad was still working in Fleet Intelligence so that I could get some better information than I am getting now.  The biggest questions are the ones causing the most concern. What are we not seeing? What is it that we don’t know? Questions as old as war itself I guess.

I don’t want any of you worrying.  The men on my team were fantastic and we worked together well.  So well in fact that the award packages that I put in for them were all accepted.  They conducted themselves professionally and without hesitation or fear. FleetCom agreed and put in an award package for me as well.

We have also been designated as the base’s main recon team and have received a new call-sign, given to us by the Marines that responded.  Jokes were made about how me were able to follow their scent and it started to circulate that we acted like a pack of wolves. The Marine battalion commander and the FSF commander joked about it as well and officially designated us the “Wolf-pack.”

Things settled down quickly but we are still maintaining an alert posture.  Everything else is fine. I do have some bad news though. I am running low on Tootsie Rolls so I would really appreciate it if you could send out some more.  No one would complain if some more jerky was sent along with that as well.

I love and miss you all.  The first samples should be there by now right?  I haven’t been able to chat with good doctor since this incident took place so I have not verified whether or not the package was sent.  Tell Russell I’m sorry. If you are able, can you do me a favor and control how much of this incident he sees or hears? I know he gets a little rattled sometimes and I don’t want him getting worked up over this.  Talk to you again soon.





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