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July 16, 2434

Barren, Mitchell D., Staff Sergeant

4th Fleet, 4th Fleet Security Forces (FSF)


Dear Mom,


I am glad that you weren’t worried but who are you kidding?  It is ok. I understand and I am sorry that what I do puts you in a position of worry.  I want you to know that no matter what happens, I have one of the best recon teams in the Fleet backing me up and as the weeks go by we are getting better and better.

The word was passed down to us that a special forces instructor is being assigned to us for the next several months to guide us for future missions.  They want us to have better and more specialized training but they also want the instructor to be able to take some of it back to teach future ARRC team members.

In case you didn’t know, or Dad never told you, Advanced Recon, Rescue, Capture (ARRC) Teams are the most coveted positions in the entire Fleet.  I have encountered officers that were willing to give up their commissions if it meant an opportunity to be on an ARRC Team. Throughout the Fleet, most people call them Archangels.

The Fleet wants my team and me to have a lot of their training because we are on the edge of human-controlled space and there are not enough members available to post a team out here.  Not with GFI aggression increasing throughout all of the currently controlled human space. I heard there was another attempt on the other side of this system.

It isn’t completely clear why GFI wants control of a planet that is on the boundary but there are plenty of theories and most of them are fairly plausible.  I would be willing to bet they want a jump off point for further exploration as well that could also serve as a tripwire for Fleet activity. They would be able to find an uninhabited system and start a massive buildup without interference.

I have no doubt that is making a lot of Fleet leadership members and the Coalition Council nervous.  With access to their own system, it would be much more difficult to track their progress without risking an all-out war.  Some are saying we are already at war and some say there is still a chance for peace. A lot of that is contributing to the need for an ARRC Team to be on the edges of the system.

Which brings this back to me and my Wolfpack.  Fortunately, we already have a lot of the training required to be considered.  Given last weeks incident, they are putting my team on the training fast track by giving us our very own instructor.  I don’t know how long it will be before the training is complete but I am hoping you understand what all this means.

The Fleet is taking my team’s position very seriously.  We are being given the best training available and they will be doing everything they can to make us successful.  We are even being given missions now before the instructor even gets here. Easy missions but still, missions designed to prepare us for future “sightseeing.”

We had a fun one the other day.  No caves or valleys. This time, it was a mountain.  No creepy crawlies or enemy troops. Just a lot of climbing and some of the most amazing views you could imagine.  From the top, you could see everything so clearly for miles. The main objective was to determine whether or not any kind of base could be set up on it, but it turned into a nice little vacation.

Short of hollowing out the mountain, removing a large section, or completely cutting off the top, the mountain was good for nothing more than a fun climb and some fantastic views.  Our installation was barely visible but the nearest colony town was clear. It is a small little place. We estimated less than a thousand people.

Fleet wants a mission launched to gather as much information about the various populations but our immediate superiors want us waiting for the ARRC Instructor before we start taking part in real-world ARRC missions.  I agreed. We are pretty good, but we aren’t quite that level of good. Part of the training will involve blending in and not looking so……Fleet member.

The mountain mission only took two days.  We got to spend the night about halfway up and it was nice.  We rotated watch and had a nice MRE breakfast. It was amusing really.  Meals Ready to Eat (MRE’s) have existed for hundreds of years. Since back in the days of American dominance.  Hundreds of years, and yet, they still taste like preserved trash. Some things never change I guess. Unlike that view.  I wish you could have seen it, Mom.

How is Russell doing?  I spoke to the Doctor before I left for the mountain and she said his letters to her were very impressive.  I believe some of the more important words she used to describe their interactions were “articulate” and “potential.”  Apparently, she was impressed with his analysis of the biomatter she sent him.

I don’t know what to say.  All that stuff is way over my head.  Russell was always the intellectual one.  I just sat back and enjoyed the doctor’s reactions.  I have no doubt she will want him working with her once he is old enough.  That was my impression anyway.

I wish I could send you pictures but given the work I am now involved with, that is not the best idea.  No communication is %100 secure and the fun missions are usually the ones that get people in trouble when the wrong people find out.  I have been permitted to share certain things with you. You can thank Dad for that. He was granted permanent top clearance status because of his former position.

Please give my best to Dad and everyone else.  I love you all and hope that this letter finds you in good spirits.  Take care.






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