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July 23, 2434

Barren, Mitchell D., Staff Sergeant

4th Fleet, 4th Fleet Security Forces (FSF)


Dear Mom,


The new instructor arrived on Tuesday and it wasn’t who we were expecting.  She brought so much new gear with her it was like Christmas. We were excited until she told us we were worthless and how disgusted she was that she was being made to instruct us in special warfare and reconnaissance strategies.  The first thing she said to us was “nearly a decade of special forces experience and I get assigned babysitting detail.” She will come around.

I wish I could share everything but you know the rules.  Talk to Dad if you want more details. He still has friends and what they talk about is their business.  The coolest thing I can tell you about is the camouflage. Typically, only ARRC members get these but they are making an exception for us.  Given our new assignment, FleetCom doesn’t want people seeing what we are up to.

We have been issued the adaptive uniforms I was telling you about.  The ones with the kinetic energy shielding and the ability to change based on whatever terrain we are in.  All we have to do is type in the setting and the uniform takes care of the rest. They even have the ability to neutralize thermal imaging so no one can see our body heat.

The only way to see someone in one of these uniforms is with one of two things.  The first is in the command and control center where they have a specific computer that can monitor where the uniforms are.  The second is a set of eye-pro that also serves as a heads-up display (HUD). Those things alone are a whole new level of warfare.

The glasses have infrared and night vision capabilities but they also have the ability to protect our eyes from rapid changes in lighting.  The vision of the wearer won’t be impaired if a light goes on suddenly. Pretty handy if it comes to working somewhere when the lights are off but suddenly go on in the middle of a mission.

A lot of the new gear this new gear was going to be withheld until the instructor had a few weeks to give us some “proper training but given the current climate out here, that plan was scrubbed.  I have no doubt you have heard by now what happened not too far from here. If you haven’t, well, I am sure you will have heard by the time this letter reaches you.

They tried keeping it quiet but that wasn’t going to last long and they knew it.  The fleet engagement was a few light years away from this planet but distance in this kind of situation doesn’t have much of an impact on the travel of information.  Our casualties were higher than anyone might have anticipated. There wouldn’t have been any way to hide it from the families.

GFI was a little more prepared this time around.  They managed to ambush one of our carrier groups but our fleet managed to hold their own.  Apparently, the pilots aboard the carrier ESS Kratos were in the middle of a battle exercise when the attack started so they were already near the launch bays when the ambush started.  They were able to exit the ship before it was hit and they mounted a devastating counter-attack.

Three of our ships were destroyed and all received damage ranging from minor to significant.  I don’t know yet how many lives were lost. Some were able to reach escape craft before the ships were destroyed but not many.  This is the first major attack where the GFI managed a success of this magnitude.

They showed us some recordings of the ambush so we could study what happened.  I am sure that Dad could get you a copy if you want to. There were these two pilots that were untouchable.  I don’t know how else to describe it. They flew through and among the GFI fighters and the GFI couldn’t touch them.  The flying was unlike anything I have ever seen.

I would love to find out who they were and buy them a beer because they saved hundreds, maybe even thousands, of lives during the battle by taking out the GFI’s carrier and one of their battleships.  They turned the tide of the battle and we are all convinced that there might have been no casualties if it wouldn’t have been a sneak attack.

Anyways, because of this battle, FleetCom wants to set up a few extra fighter and bomber bases that are separate from the main port so they have ordered the Wolfpack and our new instructor to use our training time to scout for strategic locations to set them up.  There is also concern that someone is leaking information to the GFI so I can’t tell you anything about the locations. At least, not yet.

Once that mission is complete, and once our training instructor is satisfied we have enough skill to operate without her, we are being assigned to a ship to start scouting further into unknown territories and seeking potential outpost locations.  My team has been fairing pretty well so it will be at the instructor’s discretion.

I hope that things are well back home.  I miss you all so much and would love to hear more about Russell’s interactions with the doctor.  So far, she won’t shut up about how impressed she is with him, and I quote her on this, “are you sure he isn’t in college yet?”  He has potential, we all knew that. My only hope is that his ambitions keep him far outside of this conflict. He is destined to do so much more.

Please give my regards to everyone else as well.  I won’t be able to take leave anytime soon. Please send pictures.  I am not sure how things will work once my team is aboard a vessel but I promise you that I will write as often as I can.  Given the nature of what our mission will be, it won’t be a surprise if the ship has an ansible system built in. I might be able to write home more.  Time will tell. I love you all. Take care.






2 comments on “Letter VII

  1. Simon says:

    I like what you’ve done here…


    1. Thank you. I appreciate the support. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to make it more enjoyable.


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