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August 6, 2434

Barren, Mitchell D., Staff Sergeant

4th Fleet, 4th Fleet Security Forces (FSF)


Dear Dad,


I wish words could describe how proud I am to have the team I do and I wish that I could tell you who they were.  We have been told that we can share what we do within reason but they do not want us including the identities of the Wolfpack in our letters home.  Do me a favor and filter out or re-word it to what you think would be appropriate for Mom. I know you would find all this out anyways.

Our reputation is growing on the planet and throughout Outpost 86, though not many people know who or what we are.  They do, however, know what we are up to. At least, they know that there is a military unit moving around and collecting information.  

This last week was a busy one.  We are still learning and our inexperience with this level of recon training nearly cost us two days ago, especially me, but when it comes to combat, my team is near flawless.

We had some of the locals come to the base to report that GFI had managed to slip some of their people into the population and they were planning something.  No information was known about the what. The Wolfpack, along with our instructor, were tasked with physically searching for them while Fleet Special Investigations (FSI) tried other means of locating them.

The Wolfpack made it first.  We had to dress like the local population for our search and managed to slip into the town they were suspected to be operating in.  Still don’t know how FSI figured that out but that didn’t matter so much. Same team.

FSI accompanied us on the search against our recommendation.  Our instructor lost it after the mission because of it. We don’t know who or how, but someone from the FSI team was recognized and the GFI team was warned before we even had a chance to gather enough information to choose a course of action.

There ended up being over 20 GFI cell members and they got the drop on the FSI team.  Basically, the match up was 20 of them and 7 of us (4 Wolfpack and 3 FSI). One of the FSI agents was immediately caught in the ambush and killed.  The other two were severely wounded. None of them had even got a shot off.

FleetCom was monitoring all of our bio-metric sensors and they advised us that there was too much of a risk in us compromising our position and we were advised to not intervene.  Can you believe that? I could understand some pencil pushing tool-bag’s viewpoint but you all know me better than that. There was a Marine contingent en route but they were a little over 10 minutes out. Waiting was not an option.

The rest of the Wolfpack and our instructor were in complete agreement.  The FSI agents were incompetent and maybe even doomed, but there was no way we were about to stand by and allow them to die without knowing that someone at least tried to save them.

We quickly maneuvered to where they were pinned down.  We threw off the clothing we had that was hiding all our equipment and put on our eye-wear.  That was when we were able to identify that there was about 20 of them and they were in. They had a pretty good position and they were split up into 3 different groups but we had the element of surprise.

We split up into teams of two and snuck up on two of the three buildings they were occupying.  We managed to take out the individuals they had posted to watch their backs without being noticed.  It wasn’t until we got to the rooftops to take on the actual ambushers that we hit a problem.

The other pair managed to get onto the roof and take out their assigned targets quietly and without being noticed.  Me and my partner were not so lucky. We got on the rooftop right as one of the GFI members was going to either switch with or check on (we will never know which) the guard they had posted.

We had no time to react.  I drew my pistol and put him down but it wasn’t quiet.  The other members on the roof turned but it was too late for them.  My partner already had his rifle up and ready and between that and my pistol, that engagement was short.  It was the third position that got us into trouble.

They saw what was happening and immediately shifted all of their fire on us.  My partner saw this before I did and he ran into me with a hockey style check that put me on the ground just as a hail of incoming fire came in over our heads.

The other team engaged them from their rooftop and drew some of their fire.  As soon as we were able, we engaged as well and that split their focus. During this, our instructor made her way up to the third position and I don’t know how to describe what happened next.

She was majestic Dad.  The way she moved was so natural and it honestly looked like she was disgusted with how easy it was for her.  The best part….she wasn’t even armed with a firearm of any kind. She had two collapsible batons and she worked her way through the six men without a single shot being fired in her direction.  All of them still living and breathing. We were speechless.

After that point, the situation was concluded.  The prisoners were transported back to the outpost for interrogation and a thorough investigation was conducted.  Turned out they were planning to bomb an upcoming governmental rally to show the population what happens to local governments that allow the Fleet to occupy their planets.  They didn’t have any information on any other cells that might be on the planet but we will take the victory.

I put in my partner for an award.  His quick reaction saved my life Dad.  Probably should leave that part out when/if you are going to tell mom.  Tell her I am sorry that I was unable to write a letter to her this week.  The investigation is still ongoing.

Love and miss you all.  I promise to write again soon.





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