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October 1, 2434

Barren, Mitchell D., Technical Sergeant

4th Fleet, 4th Fleet Security Forces (FSF)

Dear Dad,


Thank you for your letter.  Regardless of whether or not you are still an active member of the fleet, your opinion still carries a lot of weight.  Everyone I am working with knows who you are and knows that I am your son so when I tell them what you think, they listen.  

We are all in agreement with your assessment.  The GFI fleet is looking for a jump-off point that is located somewhere on the outskirts of Coalition controlled space and is undoubtedly planning a major operation.  We are still working on finding the fleet that we lost track of but have not had any luck yet.

The last week has been spent doing some training with my team and the Marines.  While we do a lot of things differently, we are definitely making progress. We took it, in turn, to show each other different maneuvers and procedures in an effort to better understand each other and it paid off.

The Lieutenant and I shared many different strategies and our teams were able to practice with each other and form much stronger bonds than we had before.  Our roles will not be changing in future operations, but there has been plenty of progress made towards the earning of respect and appreciation for each others’ role out here.

There were even some maneuver’s he showed me that, I must admit, surprised me.  Marines so often do not get the credit for intelligence that they are doing. I have no intention of easing up on the paint eating and window licking jokes, but I certainly have a much better appreciation for the Marines than I had before embarking on this joint training exercise.

It is unfortunate that we have to cut it short.  We will hopefully be re-visiting joint training in the future but fleet received a distress call from one of the other recon vessels that have a similar mission to us but in a different sector.  Being that we are in the middle of a 2-week training cycle and not committed to a specific mission of our own, fleet wanted us to join the reaction force to investigate.

We are hoping that they have not run into any trouble that they could not manage but the distress call was uncomfortably brief and unspecific.  There are concerns that something bad happened. Nothing has been heard since and given that they have an ansible device aboard their ship, it was quickly anticipated that the only possibility is that things went south with their mission.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much more I have time to say.  We will be jumping to the last known location of their vessel before I even press the send button for this message so I will be heading for my battle station aboard the CSS Mako immediately.  I hope that you and everyone else are well. I will try to write again sometime during the week to give you an update but the klaxons are sounding now and it is time to go to work. Give everyone my best.





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