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October 22, 2434

Barren, Mitchell D., Technical Sergeant

4th Fleet, 4th Fleet Security Forces (FSF)

Dear Dad,


I have no doubt that Russell will have told you what happened.  I am so glad that I got a chance to see him and we were able to hang out and grab something to eat.  It was really nice being able to spend some time with him and catch up. Unfortunately, as you know better than anyone in our family, duty called.  We were planning an overnight trip to one of the mountain ranges that I had explored with my team but I got a call from FleetCom.

Fleet Intelligence intercepted some GFI communication’s that spoke about some of our missing personnel and were able to get their position.  The transmissions claimed to have possession of more than a dozen of our men and woman on a planet that was two jumps away from where they were declared lost.  

Fortunately for us, they also claimed that they were together for the moment, but that luck won’t last.  They are about to be split into several different groups and transported to separate locations. We can’t afford to wait.  My team and our Marine contingent were all immediately recalled and the repairs on the CSS Mako were made a top priority.

Repairs and resupply were completed simultaneously within a matter of hours and all craft were grounded so that we could take off and get to our first jump point without anything being in the way.  We are too small of a force but at this point, the priority is to get eyes on where they are being held so that follow-on forces can mount a rescue operation.

We are lucky that there is a team of special forces that were boarding another craft and planning to rendezvous with us about eight to ten hours after we get there so we will have some time to touch down planetside and gather some intel before the ARRC team gets there.  My team is pretty damn good but those Advanced Recon, Rescue, Capture teams don’t mess around.

I thought about applying for a career change and joining their ranks in more than just an honorary function (like now), but my chain of command says that our current function is too important at the moment to warrant allowing us to take the kind of time it would take to properly get trained for it.  That is also why they are so adamant about saving the team that is currently in enemy hands.

Perhaps, someday I will be allowed the honor of joining the ranks of special forces but for now, that will have to wait.  We have work to do and too little time to do it. Just wanted to give you a quick update. I know that Russell understands.  Hopefully, I can make it up to him when I get back. He was also supposed to show me some of the things the doctor has him working on but the recall was so sudden that we never got the chance.

He was really excited about it too.  You should have seen him. Apparently, one of the creatures we found had a venom in their system that possesses some kind of medicinal properties.  Sadly, that was as far as we got due to my abrupt departure. I will let Russell tell you about it and I will hopefully get to find out soon enough.

Please give my best regards to everyone and tell mom I love her.  I will keep you posted on what happens. This could potentially affect us all so I hope that you and mom are still living by your “always prepared” motto.


Love you,



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