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October 29, 2434

Barren, Mitchell D., Technical Sergeant

4th Fleet, 4th Fleet Security Forces (FSF)

Dear Dad,


I am sad to say that things are getting more and more difficult now.  Our mission has been suspended due to recent circumstances. Suspended might not be the right word.  They are altering the parameters. We are no longer looking for locations that could potentially serve as GFI bases.  At least, not with the sole intention of information gathering.

While we were preparing to head back out, we got word that a large GFI fleet was spotted moving towards Earth space.  A task force was dispatched to intercept but they encountered heavy resistance. The engagement lasted for several days but the task force we had sent was too small and hadn’t had enough time to prepare for such a long engagement with enemy forces.

FleetCom did not anticipate that GFI would attempt such a large-scale assault in Earth space.  Current telemetry shows they are moving to take the station on Pluto. There are no resources within strike range that would be able to counter attack so the coalition did what they could to evacuate as many people from Pluto as possible.  Those that were left behind mounted a defense.

It was a daring but ultimately doomed defense.  We have had no further contact from anyone and it is assumed that all were lost.  The ansible connection with the Fleet outpost is offline. All vessels that were posted on Pluto were withdrawn to Mars and an evacuation of Europa is already underway.

The hope is that defenses can be consolidated at the coalition bases on Mars and they can hold out until reinforcements arrive.  The task force I was assigned to was dispatched to respond. I have no doubt that you have been seeing a lot of movements so if you didn’t know why before.  You know now.

Up to this point, the engagements have been minor, relatively speaking.  This was a last straw kind of deal. Up to this point, we have been trying to avoid open large-scale military engagement, but that time has passed.  The coalition is tired of allowing this to continue.

My team has been tasked with finding any GFI leadership, military or civilian, and either apprehending or terminating.  I wish I could be there with you and help in the defense of Mars and Earth but this mission is something where I can make a much more profound contribution.

The Marines with us are just as pissed.  While we want to help, we know that this will be the best way for us to contribute.  We have confidence that the fleet will mount one hell of a defense and the GFI fleet will either be pushed back or destroyed.  To be honest, this doesn’t feel right. They should know that this would be a doomed attack.

All fleet outposts are being placed on high alert and all civilians have been notified of the dangers.  A temporary martial law has been put into effect so as to prevent as much collateral damage as possible.  Surprisingly, there has been almost no resistance to it. People seem to understand the dangers and are providing their full cooperation.

Near Outpost 86, several of the towns have even established volunteer groups to assist with battle damage control and assessment.  Different programs are being put into place for various situations and contingency plans for responses to different kinds of attacks are being formulated.  It is incredibly impressive.

I don’t want you to worry about Russell and neither does he.  Being where he is at right now, he is probably the safest of us all.  That science facility was one of the toughest and most secure buildings on the planet.  Probably even safer than the outpost itself. Also, all ground, air, and orbital defense systems are online and Outpost 86 has one of the more extensive in the entire coalition.  He will be OK.

I am more worried about you and Mom.  While most people, I’m sure, are considering going to one of the Fleet or Marine installations, you and I both know that is not the smartest or safest option.  You both need to stock up immediately on food and water and make use of that bomb shelter. The safest bet for anyone is going to be to stay out of the way.

I know you want to fight Dad but that isn’t your job.  While I know that intelligence is essential, it won’t do much good in this fight.  They know the GFI is coming. You and mom please stay home and be safe. And please don’t tell Mom what I’ll be up to.  I don’t want her to worry. I know she won’t be the only one but you and I both know this has to be done.

I love you both.  Be safe. Trust in the Fleet, and in me.  I will get those bastards Dad. I will get them.





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