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November 5, 2434

Barren, Mitchell D., 2nd Lieutenant

4th Fleet, 4th Fleet Security Forces (FSF)

Dear Dad,

I would like to start by saying yes, you read that correctly.  2nd Lieutenant. My excuse of wanting to maintain my position and status for the sake of my men was no longer acceptable according to the Fleet Admiral.  While the last week has been tough for everyone. My team has been experiencing some major success.

I heard that the outpost located on Pluto put up one heck of a defense and all of the outposts on Europa didn’t fare too bad either.  While there were still plenty of casualties, there were much less than expected. Any loss of life is unacceptable, but being able to save as many as the fleet did was truly a miracle.

Fortunately for my team, all outposts within the Sol Sector were able to keep the GFI fleets and ground forces engaged long enough for the CSS Mako to fly through GFI space unopposed. We aren’t sure if it was luck or poor planning, but whatever it was, I would love more of it.  Because of this free reign in GFI space, Fleet Intel operations were carried out with ease.

The GFI leaders and planners were so invested in this operation that they overlooked their personal and planetary security measures.  It turns out that most of them were not physically with their attack fleets and while they were directing their fleet and troop movements, they were paying little to no attention to their homeworlds.

I am unable to provide any names at this time but during the course of my team’s involvement with the investigation (everyone is calling it the Head Hunt now), we captured a few high ranking military officials that eventually sang like birds to their interrogators.  Using that information, my team and a few others spent every single day of the last week hitting several of the locations where they were coordinating this offensive from.

Apparently, they thought that because their coordinators and planners were so spread out and hidden away, it would be impossible for us to catch them all.  They assumed that if one of them was taken, one of the others would be able to step in to assume command of the mission coordinators assets. They didn’t account for all of them being taken into custody.

We didn’t have to kill any of them but I can’t say the same for the security teams that each had assigned to them.  We couldn’t use a show of force and fleet didn’t want to risk any of them getting away so each individual capture and extraction was done with extreme force authorized.  Fleet wanted this siege to fall apart before they were able to do any massive damage and I am inclined to agree.

I don’t know how closely you were following the engagement progress but I am sure that you noticed there was a point where the GFI fleet and ground troops started to experience some disorganization and eventually, had to withdraw, even though some of the attacks were completely unopposed.

I am sure that each member we took into custody was able to relay to their elements that they were about to be taken offline through the ansible devices we found at each command location.  One or two instances would have probably gone unnoticed but we were told that FleetCom started noticing a change of GFI fleet movements once we took the fifth into custody.

By that time, they should have realized that something was going on.  I don’t see how they couldn’t. These locations were so well hidden that I have to admit, we would not have found them without the information gathered through our interrogations.  We grabbed some of them on planets that were completely uninhabited. Some of these locations were actually on our list to be checked out before the attack took place but they were slated so far down that it is unlikely we would have found them before they launched this attack.

While I am not permitted to tell you who we took into custody, I can tell you that more than 30 command and controllers were apprehended over the last five days and a majority of those were captured by my team.  Using the ansible, we were able to coordinate some of the incursions so that several members were being captured simultaneously. By the time they realized we knew where they all were, it was too late.

We had taken so many into custody so quickly that they didn’t have the time to organize or execute any kind of rescue or escape plan.  They had thrown most of their space-worthy vessels into this attack. Some of the captured eventually informed us that some of their controllers were able to escape but the lack of space-worthy craft made it impossible for all to be extracted.

They really took a gamble with this one Dad.  A gamble that doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.  They had to have known that there was no way this could have worked.  Their numbers were nowhere near a reasonable amount to pull off a massive offensive while also being able to provide adequate security for their homeworlds.

That is as much as we have been able to get out of them so far.  Our interrogators are working them over pretty good so they will eventually tell us everything we need to know.  I am just glad they were unable to make it as far as you guys. You have no idea how relieved I am. For a day or two, I wasn’t sure that we were having any effect, but then the Admiral told us that the Fleet attacking our outpost at Pluto started displaying acts of confusion.

Before long, other GFI fleets were also starting to exhibit some of the same confusion.  The last few sites that we hit were completely evacuated so we knew they were aware of what was going on and decided to pull back and regroup.  We continued operations all the way through the last site that was told to us. All the information we were provided was good but they saw that we knew what was going on and they changed their strategy.

FleetCom took notice of our success and I was given a field promotion to 2nd Lieutenant.  Personally, I could care less about the rank. I am just beyond relieved that you and Mom and safe and Mars was untouched by the assault.  I know that Pluto and Europa put up one hell of a fight but there was no way they were going to be able to hold out against that big of an attack.

I have to get back to work.  There are still no guarantees that this assault is over.  We know that the GFI fleet is still close by so my team and the Mako are going to do some recon in some of the adjacent systems to Sol and hopefully find out what they are up to.

I also wanted to let you know that Russell is ok.  He and the Doc were on lockdown the last week and were not authorized to use the ansible until this seige was dealt with.  The powers that be didn’t want anything other than military communication taking place to prevent any confusion. They continued their research and Russell is getting even smarter than he already was if that is even possible.

You and Mom take care of yourselves and make sure you are stocked up on food and water.  The seige may be over for the moment but we don’t know enough yet to ensure that this is all over.  You know how it works Dad. Don’t make any assumptions. GFI did and look where it got them.

I will talk to you soon.  Love you both so much.



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