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November 20, 2434

Barren, Mitchell D., 2nd Lieutenant

4th Fleet, 4th Fleet Security Forces (FSF)


Dear Dad,

We caught another controller and had to terminate another.  It almost feels like we are dealing with a hydra but we managed to learn something new from the one we were able to take alive.  It turns out that all of these controllers have been answering to one overall army commander back on what they consider to be their main home-world.

We were able to get the drop on the last mission’s target and he did not have the time to do a data wipe of his computers.  We left them intact and on-site and had the CSS Mako contact FleetCom using ansible. FleetCom immediately tasked a geek squad to come and check it out and they were able to disarm all the security measures that the GFI had in place.

From these computers, we weren’t able to get much.  Someone was able to conduct a remote data wipe, but not before we were able to learn a few more secrets they were trying to keep.  We are unsure who it is, but we know that there is one overall commander and we know what planet he is on. It is being discussed at a much higher level as to how we are going to proceed with this new information.

Unfortunately, we also know that the planet where he or she is located is not being treated like the rest of these mid-level officers.  It is their home-world. They aren’t trying to hide their presence on this world so there is a considerable orbital defense system. The tough decision will be whether or not FleetCom wants to risk a planetary assault or plan something a little more clandestine.  We will see what they decide.

We were also able to learn the location of a few more of their controllers and we also know that there are less than five left.  We are making progress. Of course they will promote more, but at least their A team will be sidelined once my team is finished with them.

I wanted to tell you about the planet we found the last guy on.  I have to admit, the GFI has pretty good taste when it comes to selecting the planets where they have been posting their controllers.  This planet was mostly covered with what can only be described as a ton of tropical islands. There were a few that were almost big enough to be considered continents, but it was pretty much a planet of islands.

There was also a fantastic smell that is difficult to describe.  There were so many different types of fruits that we found planet side.  Some of them were even edible for humans. After we took possession of the controller, we had to wait a few hours for the geek squad so we took our team of nerds on a little expedition while the Marines guarded the compound and watched our new guest.

The white coats had a field day with the local plant life.  I contacted Russell and he passed on a few requests from his lab.  I had our science team gather some samples of a few different types of vegetation and we were even able to capture some different types of wildlife.

The different kinds of sea life were absolutely incredible.  There was one that I didn’t even have the words to describe. I am going to let Russell tell you about it when he gets a chance.  I am told that his reaction was something to behold. I, unfortunately, was unable to be there for it. Wish I could have been though.

The thank you note I got from him and his boss indicated that his reaction was probably not exaggerated.  I would have loved to have seen it. Duty calls. We still have a long way to go before this war is over and we can’t predict if everything will end once we do figure out a way to capture or kill the head of this snake.

It looks like things are starting to return back to the stalemate it was before this massive attack.  Fleet intelligence seems to think that they were banking on this attack catching us so off-guard that they would be able to steamroll their way to Earth and force a surrender.  No one seems to think that they were prepared for this engagement to be drawn out as long as it has been.

Just like the Japanese way back in World War II, they skipped some targets that would have caused a lot more damage in the long run but were not immediately important for the goal of taking Mars and Earth.  Targets, including ship supply and repair stations, munition and fuel depots, etc. They are probably regretting that right about now.

Oh well.  That is their problem and our benefit.  Please let everyone know how much I miss them.  I think about all of you all the time. I look forward to being able to come home and visit once things start to cool down out here.  I will talk to you again soon.





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