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January 15, 2435

Barren, Mitchell D., 2nd Lieutenant

4th Fleet, 4th Fleet Security Forces (FSF)

Dear Dad,

I absolutely love this girl.  I am talking about the bartender that I went out with last time we came through Outpost 86.  She doesn’t know it yet and I am too chicken to tell her anytime soon for fear of scaring her off, but I am fairly certain she is the one.  I don’t even know where to begin explaining how awesome she is.

I went with my guys to her bar to grab some nachos and drinks.  We haven’t had fresh food in a few weeks and it was driving us a little mad.  We got there and she was standing near the door when we entered. She escorted us to a table and made sure that one of her staff took care of us immediately.

I have to admit, we felt pretty great about the service and special treatment, especially considering it has been a rough and busy couple of weeks.  There were several different groups of Fleet personnel and one of them saw that she had personally sat us down and was taking a special interest in us.

The Wolfpacks operations aren’t classified so plenty of people within the Fleet have heard of us and know what we do, but we don’t exactly go around advertising it.  FleetCom does the best they can to protect our identities but as I am sure you are well aware, it is not the easiest task. Not everyone knows who we are or what we look like.  We certainly don’t go around asking for special treatment or favors.

It was apparent that this group had no clue who we were and when they saw her taking a special interest in us, they were less than pleased.  My girl was coming back to our table when a pair of them got up and into her way. I never found out what was said but they resumed their seats with a look on their faces that suggested they had homicide on the mind.

We got our food and drinks but I couldn’t help but keep at least one eye on these guys.  I don’t know if I will ever be able to sit comfortably in a crowded room ever again to be honest.  These guys were transfixed on us and when we ordered our second round and got it quickly I guess that was the tipping point for them.

They got up and practically announced to the entire room that a fight was about to break out.  We just wanted to be left in peace to enjoy our food and drinks but my guys were more than ready to step in if need be.  It never got that far. I couldn’t make this stuff up Dad. What came next was the best show with food and drinks my team has got to experience since we got this new assignment.

One of the guys making their way toward us knocked a server out of the way and caused her to drop her tray and all its contents.  My girl observed this and then proceeded to make clear for all to see that her staff was off limits. Now, I know for a fact that fights break out here every now and again but I never noticed that the locals always avoided hurting any of the staff members.  We now all know why.

I have never seen two grown men that were not on a battlefield cry for their mothers so quickly in my life.  I have no doubt that both of these men had at least one broken bone each and I would not be surprised if they both had more.  It was quite a show. The caper was when she called Outpost 86 and had Fleet Security Forces come to arrest them for assaulting one of her people.

I have to admit, I love a woman that can take care of herself, but a woman who is that protective of the people she is responsible for was the true selling point for me.  A woman after my own heart. She eventually joined us when she was finished with her duties and by the end of the evening, the rest of the Wolfpack was talking to someone of the opposite sex as well.

Whether my girl introduced them or they met on the dance floor or at the bar, I wanted to ensure that my guys get a reminder of why it is we do what we do.  The last few months have been a fairly rough road and it becomes easy to forget right versus wrong when you spend so much time in isolation or in situations that are nonstop stress.

We all ended up taking these lovely young ladies on a trip to another part of the world to a cave system we had previously been through and did some exploring.  It is fascinating that people live on this planet and still know so little about it. We encountered some new animals and we captured a couple that we could bring back for Russell to have a look at.

I wanted to let you know that my team and I are safe for the moment and enjoying some much-needed downtime.  I love you all very much and hope that the time comes where I will be able to see you all soon. Please take care of yourselves.



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