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January 29, 2435

Barren, Mitchell D., 2nd Lieutenant

4th Fleet, 4th Fleet Security Forces (FSF)

Dear Dad,

I have an update for you and it is not as good as I was hoping.  All leave is suspended until FleetCom is satisfied that current hostilities are dealt with.  The news outlets are all reporting that the lines have stabilized for the most part but who are they actually fooling?

Warfare will never be what it used to be when it was restricted to the surface of only one planet.  People can draw all the lines they want. The GFI may be a little more hesitant to fly through certain sectors in space but both sides know space is far too vast for the Coalition to effectively monitor all of it.

We are seeing plenty of clashes in and out of areas that were supposedly controlled by either us or them.  Those lines are a joke. The GFI attack may have been completely thwarted but they managed to split up enough to cause a whole new set of issues.  We are trying to find them all but it is proving very difficult.

My team has just been notified that our mission is being slightly altered.  Originally, we were scouting planets for potential locations that the GFI might consider using and to set up a monitoring system so that FleetCom can keep an eye on things and get a heads up is there was any GFI activity.  We will still be doing that, but they have added a new parameter.

All recon team mission objectives have been updated to encompass actually sniffing out potential GFI positions.  It is no longer about searching for potential sights that may or may not be in use, they now want us going places where GFI outposts are likely to be operating and providing intel for follow on forces.

We will no longer be operating independently.  All recon teams are being assigned to an actual strike force and our mission is to assist in search and destroy operations.  Orders are orders and I will obey of course, but I do have some reservations about this tactic. It hasn’t exactly worked out well in military history and now we are operating in a much larger arena.

The task forces are still being organized without hampering the current operations that are already in progress.  So far, FleetCom has been satisfied with the work we have been doing with the Coalition Marines so they are most likely going to stick to attaching us to strike teams made up of Marines.  Given that information, the Army will likely contribute by mopping up after each mission.

The Wolfpack will still be riding around on the Mako and we will still have our Marine squad consisting of the same men and woman, for the most part.  Casualties from previous missions that are unable to continue have been replaced but it is mostly the same people. The Marine Lieutenant and I are both having our reservations about this new mission objective but orders are orders.

All of our equipment has been replaced and/or upgraded wherever possible.  A significant amount of resources are being committed to this new endeavor.  It looks like they have been planning this for much longer than they are letting on.  They used the overhaul of the CSS Mako to make some system upgrades. Mostly weaponry.

They added some advanced defensive weaponry as well.  They sacrificed a lot of speed and maneuverability but they made up for it with the new defensive weapon systems.  The Mako will now be able to put up much more of a fight then it has previously been capable of. It is impressive really.  They also added some kind of cannon to it. I don’t know much about it but they are claiming that the rounds are small but far more destructive than anything we have seen yet.  We will see.

We don’t yet have a date for when all this will start but we have been ordered to keep that part hushed.  No communication, regardless of encryption level or how advanced the security systems are for it, is being trusted with that information.  You being you though, I have no doubt you could come across this information using your own methods.

I am about to hit the rack.  It has been a pretty tiring week and I have a briefing to attend with my team in the morning.  Keep your fingers crossed that this all works out. The better this works out, the sooner I can take some time to come home and visit.

Please give my best to everyone and let Mom know that I miss her especially.  Also, tell her I think about the times we used to go to movies early in the morning and then follow up with a nacho lunch.  I look forward to the day where I can visit and spend some time catching up with her. You too. Take it easy Dad.



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