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February 12, 2435

Barren, Mitchell D., 2nd Lieutenant

4th Fleet, 4th Fleet Security Forces (FSF)

Dear Dad,

This has been quite a week.  My team ended up doing something we didn’t think we would ever be doing again.  We were actually called upon to arrest some of our own. Fortunately for us, none of the Fleet members had much combat training so it was a fairly peaceful affair, all things considered.

FleetCom dispatched us to investigate a situation.  We had no complaints. It was actually nice to be back on a law enforcement mission.  We are getting a little rusty, but the recon training definitely came in handy. Given how much action we have been seeing, this was almost like a vacation.

Intelligence picked up on a specific unit that kept order large quantities of combat equipment after each engagement.  Normally, that would not be cause for concern. You know how war can be. Equipment gets damaged or destroyed and needs to be replaced.  Unfortunately for these guys and girls, they were consistently over ordering.

An investigation was conducted discretely and it was discovered from combat logs and reports that they were consistently ordering the same quantities over what was needed.  After further inquiry, it was also learned that a few of the logistics officers had bank accounts that were inconsistent with their grade and time in service.

My team was dispatched to follow them on their leave.  They didn’t want anyone in uniform or overly obvious to see what they were up to.  They moved the extra weapons and equipment off base at the beginning of their leave and I have to admit, they definitely have a brass pair between their legs.  They loaded it all up into a truck and drove it right off the base and directly to where they were storing it.

We decided to follow FleetCom’s advice and we posted our Marine team at the storage location while my team followed the officers.  They had no tact whatsoever. It was almost embarrassing but it was also nice to have things so easy for a change.

The two idiots went straight to the buy location and we were able to observe and record the entire transaction.  We were able to identify the buyers, who we later learned were operatives working for GFI units nearby, and once the transaction was completed and the buyers left, we took the two officers into custody.

The buyers were a slightly different story.  There were four of them and they decided that coming quietly was not an option.  We wanted to take them all into custody as well but ended up with only two, one if you don’t count the guy that is now in a coma.

I instructed the Marines to take them if possible but I don’t play that “at all costs” bull shit.  I told them to do what they had to do but I don’t want any casualties on our side. I am glad that there were no Fleet casualties.

Given the situation, the Fleet logistics officers and everyone involved in this ring is being charged with treason and be treated as such.  Aggressive interrogations are being conducted and my team will be following up on all of the information gathered so, at this point, my team and our Marines are standing by for information and a mission update.

I can’t believe that.  Fleet officers selling weapons.  It isn’t like they are underpaid, to begin with.  They are officers. Greedy bastards. All in all, we recovered enough weapons and equipment to arm about a company of GFI soldiers so we really need to find where they are operating.

The installation on this planet has more than enough Marines and defensive systems to deal with any kind of attack, but we would rather not wait for them to come to us.  FleetCom wants to always be the one to throw the first punch and I am inclined to agree. They sucker punched us a few months back and now, we don’t want to give any of them enough time to wind up and do it again.

There is no telling when I am going to be able to return to Outpost 86.  Things are starting to really pick up out here. The new direction FleetCom is taking is starting to be felt on a massive scale.  Unit activity is on the rise and so are the casualty numbers. Orders are orders but it is still a pretty tough pill to swallow.

Once we are done here, we are loading back up on the CSS Mako and heading towards another GFI outpost roughly 36 hours travel from Outpost 27.  I believe we will be doing a quick re-arm and ship re-fit at Outpost 27 before we join the 3rd Fleet Battle Group that has been tasked with destroying all GFI forces on the planet.

Time for me to go.  The officers and our GFI prisoner broke a lot faster than was expected.  Not entirely surprising. The logistics people are nothing more than a bunch of overtrained bean and bullet counters.  I will write again soon. Please give my best to everyone and let Mom know I love her and am always thinking about her.



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