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March 5, 2435

Barren, Mitchell D., 2nd Lieutenant

4th Fleet, 4th Fleet Security Forces (FSF)

Dear Dad,

I want to start this letter by letting you know that both Russell and I are safe.  My team and my girlfriend as well. The same cannot be said for a lot of the fleet personnel that are assigned to Outpost 86 but the situation could have been a whole lot worse.

It looks like the GFI attackers were not anticipating the fleet presence that they ended up facing.  Luckily for FleetCom and Outpost 86, we were not the only ship that just so happened to be present for a retrofit when GFI forces attempted their assault.  There was also a troop ship and two destroyers from 3rd Fleet.

That being said, the fight was anything but one way in the beginning.  The extra manpower and support on our side just made it an almost even fight, almost.  They still outnumbered us by a noticeable amount, but having an extra battalion of fleet Marines and two destroyers prevented this from being a massacre.  We were able to hold them off long enough for help to arrive.

There is still some fighting going on but we have managed to hold them back long enough for the rest of the 4th Fleet to be recalled and to tip the scales completely into our favor.  It is now a pretty one sided fight and we should have the problem eradicated within the next few days. The GFI ground troops made an attempt to evacuate but our 4th Fleet chased all their craft away and cut off all support.

All scientists and civilian personnel were able to be evacuated to the battle bunker that was set up for them in the case of this type of incident and all are present and accounted for.  I personally saw to it that Russell was there and safe. My team took charge of ensuring all noncombat personnel were safely out of the way and we were able to complete the task before the real attack began.

4th Fleet was a pretty long distance away but they were already heading back when the attack started.  Our call for help got them to speed up and skip a few stops they were intending to make so we only had yo hold the GFI off for about 30 hours.  We are all pretty exhausted and there were a lot of casualties, as I am sure you are aware of by now. Please let Mom know that everything is OKnow.

There still may be a minor fight going on out here but it is to the point where the scientists and civilians have all been able to safely resume their normal routines.  GFI forces dug in roughly 1,500 kilometers away from the nearest settlement in an effort to evacuate. They still have their shuttles but with their fleet on the run, they can’t go very far.

They could use the shuttles in an attempt to attack the town but now that we are in complete control of the high ground, it is doubtful they are going to use the shuttles to do anything other then make a run for it if their fleet is ever able to return.  Any attempt to go even within 500 kilometers of any inhabited area would result in one of our carriers dispatching a fighter wing to destroy them.

At this point, it looks as if whoever is running the show on their end plans on playing it safe and smart.  Not much can be said for the smarts, but it is a bit late for them now. We have a pretty accurate estimate as to how many of them are left and at this point, all they present is a nuisance.  I don’t even think FleetCom wants to initiate any engagement for now and I agree.

We have a pretty solid net set up around them.  They can’t go anywhere without us knowing about it and we don’t need to risk anymore manpower or resources.  Eventually , they will run our of supplies and either have to attack or surrender. An attack would be suicide.  We have any ground approach covered with mobile ground defensive systems, and if they try the air, 4th Fleet will blast their shuttles out of the sky before they can get anywhere useful.

I have to get back to work but I wanted to let you all know that we are OK and Russell is safe.  I have no doubt the reports have reached home by now and I am also certain that Mom is freaking out to the next level.  Please tell her we are OK. I love you both. Russell asked me to say hello to you for him as well so there it is. Take care.



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