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March 12, 2435

Barren, Mitchell D., 2nd Lieutenant

4th Fleet, 4th Fleet Security Forces (FSF)

Dear Dad,

We managed to locate the planet that was used by the GFI to stage their assault on Outpost 86 last week.  One of the major concerns was how they managed to attack at all, given that the orbital defensive systems we had were second to none.  Many of the different locations did their job, but not all. It took some investigating but we learned that this plan was in effect for a while.

There were very few GFI members left at the staging area so it was not difficult to take them out and gather some intelligence.  They were in the middle of cleaning up and abandoning the site so we got there just in time. There was more than enough information to put the pieces together and we got a much better picture of how long they were planning the attack and what they threw into it.

Most of their initial strike centered on an area of our defensive system that would make a hole large enough to allow for several troop ships to fly in without the threat of being shot down.  They smuggled in a few hundred troops to assault the sites where our defenses were located and they were able to overwhelm all of them.

We got lucky and two of the sites were able to get out a distress call before they were overrun.  One call would have been investigated before any further action was taken but the second site was enough to solidify that a coordinated strike was taking place and FleetCom immediately sent out an all hands on deck.  All our troops were immediately recalled and you pretty much know the rest.

Based on what we learned from the information we have now gathered, they had deployed some new kind of communication jammers on this assault.  It was untested and they were forced to learn the hard way, why it is good to field test things before deploying them in a major operation. All of our Outposts sent out a distress call and the jammers prevented almost all the messages from getting through.  That “almost” is what cost them the entire assault.

If it wouldn’t have been for those two malfunctions, they would have gotten all of their troops on the ground before we had a chance to recall everyone and counter the attack.  There is nothing amusing about how many people had to die during this sneak attack, but it is funny that their lack of patience is what cost them everything.

There were some concerns of espionage due to the efficiency of the assault in the beginning but the more information we gathered, the more we learn about how bad things actually turned out for them.  There was clearly no “inside man” or “inside woman” on this one. Now that we know more, their attack wasn’t just a failure for them, it was a complete disaster. They didn’t accomplish any of their objectives and they lost far more than they were ready to.

None of us are complaining or shedding any tears for them.  A lot of noncombatants were killed during their attack and FleetCom is furious about it.  We had to exercise restraint with the GFI troops that we managed to capture and in some cases, we had to hold some of the Marines back.  They were less than pleased but they also know that the future isn’t looking bright for any of our new POW’s.

Everything is going well now.  We are on the move and it is starting to look like most of the GFI forces that have been roaming around throughout our sectors of space are mostly dead or have been pushed back to GFI controlled space.  I am still not a fan of the search and destroy method but it does seem to be working for the moment.

Some of the communication exchanges we managed to gather from the GFI outpost indicate that they are having trouble countering our assaults and a lot of their forces have been ordered to withdraw and regroup.  That will give us time to set up a more secure defensive line and we can go from there.

My team and I are doing OK and the Marines working with us are better now.  All the wounded are back now and their morale is much higher than it was before.  We are going to be having some friendly competition sometime this week. The Marine Lieutenant challenged us to a basketball game and we accepted.  Some friendly branch rivalry for the entertainment of others couldn’t hurt.

I love you both and will be coming home soon.  I only have three months left on this deployment and then will have to decide where I want to go from there.  Plenty of time to think but I know for a fact that I would like to come home for a couple of weeks and catch up.  I will keep you posted.



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