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April 9, 2435

Barren, Mitchell D., 2nd Lieutenant

4th Fleet, 4th Fleet Security Forces (FSF)

Dear Dad,

I have to admit, the last few days has been a fairly nice series of events.  At first, I was not quite sure how I felt about it, but after further thought, this was exactly what my team needed.

We popped into orbit and as soon as we did, the ship started detection radio transmissions.  The encryption level was pretty sophisticated. In fact, there was something about it that was a little, too sophisticated.  Mix that with the fact that there was no attempt to hide the radio transmissions, cause us to wonder what was going on.

My team and our Marine contingent hit the atmosphere far enough away so that we would not be detected and flew in to land about 15 kilometers away from the origin of the transmission.  I took my team and had the Marines follow about 500 meters behind us, in case we needed back up.

About half a kilometer away from the origin point, we came across what we thought might be a scout or some kind of patrol, but there was no weapon in sight.  We didn’t want to jump to any conclusions so I had the Marines halt where we were and I took my team to follow the scout.

He went back to his camp and we knew immediately that it was not GFI.  The man practiced absolutely no operational security. It was too easy to follow him.  We were concerned at first that maybe he was just too good and likely knew we were there and was leading us into a trap.  That concern was quickly thrown out.

When he got back to his camp, we took up positions that would allow us to discretely watch and observe.  They did not have any kind of security measures in place and it was almost instantly obvious that the men and woman we were watching were noncombatants.

Turns out, we stumbled upon an unregistered science operation.  They were wearing white coats, but it was pretty easy to spot the sample collecting and some of them were sorting and clearly cataloging everything they were collecting.  Not exactly the kind of thing you get any kind of prison sentence for, usually, but this time around, there were other factors to consider.

Because this was not something the military dealt with, we kept eyes on them while we signaled the CSS Mako and had them contact FleetCom to apprise them of the situation.  Civilians are not something we are authorized to deal with unless they attack for whatever reason.

It only took about 10 minutes for Fleet leadership to decide they were going to dispatch an investigation team and to keep us and our team of Marines in a position to over watch everything and provide support to the investigators, if necessary.  I called the Marines up and had them help with setting up a complete over watch perimeter around the campsite.

It only took a few hours for the investigation team to arrive on the scene and once they did, they wrapped everything up nice and quick.  We listened in on all the communications and at first, we could tell that the scientists were contemplating being difficult. As soon as it was explained to them that there was Fleet personnel and Marines observing their every action, the compliance was overwhelming.

I am not sure what or if the Fleet is going to anything to them or about them.  That is not only above my pay grade, but it is also completely outside the scope of our operations.  Once the investigators had complete control over the situation, they radioed us and thanked us for the assist.  They informed us that they no longer needed us and we got orders from FleetCom to rejoin our battle group.

We had our shuttle lift off and come pick us up.  There was no point in hoofing it all the way back since discretion was no longer necessary.  We loaded up and rejoined the CSS Mako in orbit. Once docked, the Mako didn’t even wait for us to de-board.  We started immediately flying to were our battle group was located.

Looks like we might be gearing up for another major operation.  There are few details coming our way but one thing is clear, we seem to be mobilizing much faster than plans are being made so something big is up.  I am not sure what but I was contacted by a staff officer from FleetCom and was informed to have my team immediately eat and rest up.

I will keep you posted as best I can but you know how this goes.  Love you all and will write again soon.



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