Lesson 9: Don’t get stuck in your own world

Take a look around from time to time.  Try and see or feel things as you think someone else might.  Empathize with those around you.  It is so easy to make mistakes and get things wrong if your point of view is nothing more than tunnel vision.  This is where a lot of relationships end.  This is where communication can easily deteriorate.  You are not the only one with a problem and there are few problems in existence that you need to or are required to face alone.  Ask for help.  Let others in.  

The greatest people in history believed in themselves.  They believed in something beyond the scope of their own petty needs.  They committed to actions that they believed were in the best interest of the people that trusted them, but they never believed they were great or that they did not need the help of others.  At least, not outwardly.  Humility is a tool.  People value those who can be humble.  It is OK to ask for help.  It is OK to admit from time to time that you don’t know everything.  Closing yourself off from input cuts you off from everything that can make you better. 

Great men and women throughout history knew they were smart, knew they were capable of great things, and did the best they could with what was available.  They also learned to listen to and accept input from others.  They knew that there is no idea that is so great that it could not be made greater with help from others.  The ones that thought they were better than the ideas they had, that no one else could possibly come up with something better, typically ended up not being all that wonderful.  

Any time you feel like you are the top of the world, that you are the one that makes the winds blow and the skies filled with water whenever it rains, is the time for a reality check.  Karma exists.  It is real.  You get what you deserve.  It might be too late to change what has already transpired, but there is always hope that you can be a better person just by making others feel better.  


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