Lesson 29: The small things matter

This sounds familiar, doesn’t it?  It should.  I have said it before.  I will say it again because this deserves a section in itself.  Pay attention.  Learn to listen.  Big things have a big impact, but so can the little things if you ignore them enough.  Remembering a birthday, anniversary, special event, etc. are easy, and even if you don’t think so, you can mark it on a calendar without it seeming bad.  The small things are another matter entirely. 

While writing these things down can demonstrate to the other person that you care, they can also show that these details are “not important enough” for you to put the effort into remembering.  Is that the case?  Maybe it is, hopefully not.  Either way, these are the things that can really show someone how much you truly care for them and how important they are to you.  These can be as simple as responding to a text message.  Giving a hug and kiss goodnight before going to sleep.  Taking out the trash without them having to ask.  The list goes on.

The problem with the small things is that they are small.  Anything that is small is easy to miss and is also easy to ignore.  The thing is small and therefore has minimal impact if any.  What is it they say about assumptions?  A drop of water in a tall glass seems like nothing, but a lot of drops into that same glass and it starts to fill up.  If you let that go on for too long without taking any action, what happens?  It starts to overflow and results in a mess.

But Matt, it’s just water.  Easy to clean.  You would think so right?  But what happens when that mess goes unnoticed?  Someone could slip and fall.  Someone can get hurt.  It is seemingly innocent until it isn’t.  The small things can build up and lead to one big problem.  The small things in a relationship all have one major thing in common.  The relationship.  They all add up to you not paying enough attention to the relationship, which will eventually cause unnecessary struggle and hardship.  Pay attention to everything, big and small.  It all matters in the long run.

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