Lesson 45: Own your mistakes, take responsibility

I remember a time when I used to be scared of the consequences when it came to mistakes or bad choices.  It was one of the many unknowns in this world and when you are young, you have not yet had enough experience with failure.  In most cases, that fear never fully goes away.  That doesn’t make it a bad thing.  One of the sexiest, and most attractive things you can do, is take responsibility for your actions.

There are so many reasons why this is true.  First and foremost, owning your mistakes demonstrates to other people that you take responsibility for your actions and possess humility.  It takes courage and maturity to fess up and even if that mistake negatively impacts others, your ability to take responsibility will almost always lessen the impact of the mistake.  The ability to admit an error is a crucial step towards working on a solution.

It also has a very powerful impact on your own mentality.  There is a comfort in knowing that you are not infallible and that mistakes are inevitable.  It is a very liberating feeling.  When you start to view them as opportunities for improvement or valuable life lessons, you will notice a shift in how you view mistakes in the future.  You will notice that others come at you differently when you make other mistakes.  When you demonstrate that you are willing and able to take responsibility, people will find you more approachable and agreeable.

Same thing in a relationship.  Admit your flaws.  Own your past.  Let it be the guiding light towards making you a better person and more lovable partner.  There is nothing sexier than a responsible partner.  There are few things more disgusting than a person who is so afraid of the truth that they have trouble facing it and taking responsibility for it.  Don’t be afraid.  The truth may hurt in the moment, but like any good investment, the day will come when it pays off immeasurably.

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