Lesson 48: Endure the hard times

Relationships are tough.  They require constant effort to maintain and will undoubtedly be difficult at some point.  Your patience and love will be tested.  Your commitment will inevitably come into question and you will both have to answer for yourselves and each other as to how important the relationship is and how far you are willing to go in order to make things work.  How you both come at these challenges will serve as a reminder, whether good or bad, of what you can expect during the times when things are not all going your way.

Rough times should be expected.  No one is perfect and life is not always, if ever, fair.  It is a shame that is the case, but it doesn’t have to be a bad thing.  You don’t have to let the bad times be worse than what they really are.  Life is challenging.  Work is challenging.  Relationships are challenging.  Put in the right perspective, that can be a good thing.  Even a great thing.  What is the point of living if everything always went according to plan.  There would be no room for improvement and growth.  There wouldn’t be very much excitement.

It is the rough times in life that help put things into perspective.  They allow you to properly understand how great the good times are and to have a little more appreciation and gratitude when things are going well.  It is the rough times that show whether or not you are with the right person.  The person that is meant for you.  The person that is willing and able to go through the hard times with you because you both know that no matter how difficult things get, your connection and love to each other will endure, no matter what.

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