Lesson 50: Find the right words

Don’t say the first things that come to mind.  Words are a tool.  What you say and the way you say it, mean everything.  Didn’t your mother ever tell you “think before you speak,” or is that just me?  Being quick to respond doesn’t make you smart or intelligent.  The right words do, regardless of how long it takes you to say them.  Anyone who believes there is a time limit for response, is missing the point.  

I understand that nobody wants to wait forever for a response, but it is important to understand that if someone is taking their time, it is important enough to them and they want to make sure their answer reflects how they really feel.  How many times have you said something to someone that made perfect sense to you, but was completely misunderstood by the receiver of the message?  Did you stop to consider what you said or why they might have interpreted it the way they did or did you just get mad at them for not understanding?  Take your time.  Think it through.

This is one of the many difficulties we are having with communication in general nowadays.  There are so many mixed meanings and there are so many different words or phrases that have more than one interpretation.  Maybe there isn’t a better way to explain it, but using the right words is not about being the smartest or most intelligent person talking.  If you are unsure that your message was received as intended, or question the words you used, take the time to ask them whether or not they understood.

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