Favorite Movies

This is a list of all the science fictions movies that I feel are worth mentioning.  They will be in alphabetical order and I will provide a rating of between 1-10 for each.  Just because I didn’t enjoy the film doesn’t mean it isn’t worth seeing at least once. Every movie is unique and provides interesting insight into the genre and how different people view it.  There are affiliate links throughout that will take you to Amazon if you are interested in purchasing or renting any of them. Amazon and Netflix are any science fiction enthusiasts’ best friend.  This list will grow with time but if there is something you feel is missing, I encourage you to reach out and let me know. I am always open to suggestions.


Alien – My rating: 8.  I enjoyed this movie immensely.  While the second is arguably the best of the entire franchise, this one was very good as well.  It set the stage perfectly, the cast and the special effects were fantastic, and it was one of the most important movies in the history of science fiction.

Aliens – My rating: 10.  From the amazing quotes to the special effects, and even the props, this is probably one of the best movies involving aliens ever made.  The cast was great, the story was solid and easy to follow, and the entertainment value was second to none. Truly marvelous.

Alien 3 – My Rating: 5.  The only good thing about this movie was the title.  The story was trash, there wasn’t much new in the way of special effects, and even the surprises that popped up were not impressive.  While it is fairly debatable as to whether this or the fourth installment was worse, my vote is this one. The only reason to view this one is if you intend on continuing the story because there are a few things in this one you need to know before the fourth.

Alien Resurrection – My Rating: 6.  Same boat as Alien 3. This movie continues the franchise but was not necessary.  It was better than the third and considerably more entertaining, but everything that came after the second was not worthy of more than one sit through.  The cast in this was better but that was not enough to warrant any higher than a rating of 6 for me. That still may be overly generous.

Avatar – My rating: 8.  The special effects alone were the key factor in what made this movie great.  There was a wonderful cast and the story wasn’t bad but it was the special effects that warrant the true need for any science fiction lover to see this movie at least once.  The world they created and the different creatures in it were mind-blowing and almost every scene had something in it that added to the special effects wow factor.


The Chronicles of Riddick – My Rating: 9.  Amazing special effects and a great story from beginning to end.  Vin Diesel is another one of those actors that when he is involved in a science fiction film it has the tendency to be pretty decent.  Though a lot of the movie is pretty unbelievable, it was still entertaining and fun all the way through. It was a great sequel to Pitch Black.


Equilibrium – My Rating: 9.  This gets a 9 for plausibility.  It is hard to argue that if emotional suppression was a possibility that the human race would not hesitate to employ some kind of control over it.  It is one of the very many potential futures depicted in film and Christian Bale does a wonderful job of showing how emotion, whether by intention or chance, would punch through.  It was entertainment gold and philosophical wonder all rolled up into one film.


I, Robot – My rating: 7.  This movie was pretty good and I love Will Smith but the main theme was a murder investigation.  The murder investigation ultimately led to what is arguably a potential threat in real life down the road if humanity isn’t careful.  While I enjoyed this movie, it didn’t pack as much of a “WOW” factor for me as others that are on this list. Still a definite must see.

Independence Day – My rating: 10.  This movie was where special effects in movies truly took off.  Everything about this movie from beginning to end was mind-blowing, epic, and made this movie both a must see and worthy of further replays.  The cast was a mixture of big screen veterans and rookies, but you couldn’t really tell. The movie as a whole was an absolute blockbuster and possibly worthy of a rating exception, 12.

Independence Day Resurgence – My Rating: 6.  The special effects made this movie worth the watch but it was a doomed film before it ever hit the big screen.  It was bad enough that they made a sequel but the disaster was predictable from the moment it was determined that Will Smith wasn’t going to be a part of it.  The story was almost a copy of the first and then the end was terribly abrupt and lame. It was worth sitting through, but not much praise beyond that.


Limitless – My Rating: 9.  Many might wonder how this film ended up on a science fiction list but think about it.  A pill that unlocks the full potential of the human brain. Being able to remember every single thing that your brain has ever processed and access it at rates that defy everything we know or currently understand about the human brain.  In my opinion, this movie deserves a 10, but the show semi-stepped on it. The show, Limitless, was great as well, but there was way too much humor involved for it to be as impactful as the movie. Still, the movie was worth several views.  It inspires the imagination and possibilities.


The Martian – My rating: 9.  While this movie was absolutely wonderful, there is a pretty good reason why it doesn’t rate a 10.  Anyone who has read or listened to the book can tell you that while the movie was excellent, it slightly missed the mark.  A lot of the intense moments were either altered or completely cut out. Also, some of the best humor was also changed or removed, a lot of which added to the connection with, and understanding of, Watney.  The movie was still fantastic and worth more than one watch.

Maze Runner – My rating: 8.  The movie was entertaining and fun from beginning to end.  There is a lot about it that was predictable but plenty of concepts leaving you in suspense and wonder.  It was a fascinating idea and the characters all contribute something different which provides a wide range of personalities to explore.


Men In Black – My Rating: 10.  What can I say? Will Smith did a fantastic job of setting an entirely new standard for science fiction movies.  Independence Day was better, but this one was close enough to warrant an equal rating. Men In Black II and Men in Black III were OK, but I don’t feel they were worthy of my list.  The entire series was worth watching through, but the first was the true winner of them all.


Predator – My Rating: 9.  This one definitely ranks as a classic.  The entertainment value is fantastic and it was about as macho of a movie as you could get.  An elite group of muscular men running around the jungle with a bunch of guns being hunted by an alien.  Plus, it is one of Arnold’s greatest films. It was a fun idea and they did a great job with it.

Predator 2 – My Rating: 7.  Nothing like the first but still an interesting idea.  A predator that hunts people within a major city, and an already violent city at that.  Urban warfare and a cop flick turned into a science fiction film with an alien hunting whoever the biggest and most dangerous people in town are.  Not the greatest movie ever, but it is a must-see for a science fiction lover.


Race to Witch Mountain – My rating: 10.  I know, I know. How could this get a 10 and some of the classics got lower ratings.  First and foremost, my list. Second, see first. It is Dwayne Johnson. I love everything about his style and the rest of the cast for this movie was great too.  The special effects were pretty good, the comedy, action, and adventure were all there, and it was clean family fun from beginning to end. The dialogue was a little lame at times but it never got bad enough to damage the overall film.

Ready Player One – My Rating: 9.  I absolutely loved the book. The audio was fantastic and Wil Wheaton crushed the narration.  The movie did a fantastic job of capturing the spirit of the story, but again, too much was changed.  The movie was still excellent and I would say it is as close as I have ever come to getting to enjoy a story that I loved all over again while also being an entirely new story.

Real Genius – My Rating: 9.  Val Kilmer has done a lot of great work in his career.  It is true that we don’t see much from him nowadays, but this was arguably one of his greatest works and any science fiction enthusiast should be able to admit it.  It has great humor, a pretty decent cast, and was entertaining from beginning to end. Yes, it is an older movie, but it still maintains great entertainment value 30 years later.  A beloved classic for the genre.


Short Circuit – My rating: 9.  Super cheesy, super old, super great!  If you have an open mind, this one is a classic.  I wanted to give it a higher rating but the acting was so over the top that I could not give it a 10.  The comedy was great and the overall story was both interesting and fun. A classic movie and family-friendly entertainment.

Stargate – My rating: 10.  Stargate was a big part of what brought me into science fiction.  There were plenty of movies, books and shows that I found entertaining, but this movie and the show that followed were what I considered to be the most fun I have known in science fiction.  The movie had an amazing cast (Kurt Russell, David Spader, and more), was a fascinating concept, and sparked another long-running science fiction show that entertained us all for more than a decade.  This is another film I would love to give more than a 10 to.

Star Wars: A New Hope – My Rating: 10.  This wasn’t just a classic, it was one of THE classics.  This was the film that started the entire Star Wars franchise.  It had everything that you want from a science fiction film and then some.  Words will always fall short of explaining the greatness of these films. World-altering cult classics.  Easily some of the best science fiction ever produced.


Terminator – My rating: 10.  This movie. I don’t really need to say more than, “I’ll be back.”  Arnold one-liners. There definitely is no shortage of them. This was another example of thinking outside the box and introducing new ideas, pushing boundaries, and giving science fiction fans a taste of future possibilities if we aren’t careful.  This movie led to the making of so many more where machines are the potential end of mankind without proper care and appreciation of whether or not something SHOULD be discovered or learned.


War Games – My Rating: 8.  Another classic. The only reason I give this one lower than a 9 is its epic cheesiness.  While science fiction is my favorite genre, I am cursed with real-world Air Force experience and whenever I encounter something Air Force related that is unbelievable I tend to be a little more jaded.  It is a great movie and a must see for anyone that loves science fiction, Matthew Broderick, or lame and cheesy 1980’s entertainment.


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