I graduated from California State University – Sacramento with my Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies and immediately took a job doing Data Entry.  I am also a veteran of the United States Air Force.  I did four years on active duty and one in the reserves.  I was stationed in Germany and was deployed once to Iraq so I know a few things about being far from home.  I have done work as a cashier, loss prevention officer, barista, data processor, customer account representative.  There have been many relationships and one or two that were serious. I am hoping all these experiences will contribute towards providing a unique experience for everyone to follow.  Please feel free to reach out to me through the following address: journeymanlegacy@gmail.com. I also invite you to follow me on Twitter @JournimanLegacy or like my page on Facebook, Journeyman’s Legacy.  There is no doubt that you have wonderful insight and advice and I would appreciate the feedback.

One last thing….this is about experiences I’ve had, mistakes I made, things I learned, and plenty of personal work I need to do.  Feedback is appreciated and encouraged.  That being said.  Don’t be a jerk.  If you don’t have anything nice or helpful to contribute, please move along.  This won’t be for everyone and negativity is not welcome.