Book Journey

For several years, my goal has been to read at least 52 books within 1 year (average of 1 book per week). I have not yet been successful, though I have come close, but I feel this is my year. I don’t care about page count or the intended audience of the book. I just want whatever I am reading to take me to that happy place we all feel as readers when engrossed in a good tale. Some will be fiction and some will be non-fiction. Genres will be all over the place. Science fiction, fantasy, self betterment, adult, young adult, children, classic literature, new literature, etc. The goal is the journey and a good journey is the goal. I invite you all to join me. I will include affiliate links to the books after I finish and include my opinions and interpretations. I also would love to hear your opinions and recommendations on what you are reading.

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