Nautical Freedom

The blue stretched as far as the eyes could see. The smell of the sea air, filled with salt and moisture, oddly, tasted sweet. It was so clean and fresh. No sign or indication of the 21st century within view, making the experience all the purer. The only sounds belong to the ocean.

He thought about all of the people missing out on this wonderful experience. The waves causing the boat to rock back and forth. The constant motion, though nauseating to new ocean goers, eventually becomes a source of comfort. The feeling of freedom and possibilities out here are as abundant as water.

What is his destination? What will he do once he gets there? What inspired the journey? Question after question poured through his mind but once he was out on the water, the answers were no longer so important. There was no one telling him where to go or what to do. There were no time constraints. No bills beyond keeping the boat floating. Nothing mattered but the journey itself.

He watched as the sun slowly rose on the horizon. The big decision at the moment, what is for breakfast. The water tank and pantry are full. His last port call having only been two days ago. Perhaps bacon and eggs? Or maybe some pancakes? Rationing is important, but so is having a big hearty breakfast.

Fishing was on the schedule for today. He had plenty of food for dinner, which included a healthy number of potatoes. The thought of making some fresh caught fish to go with chips was sounding better by the minute. Now that, is a sailor’s meal.

Bacon and eggs wins. Some cheese and hot sauce on top of the eggs would make for a great start to the day. He prepared the food and then looked at his fishing pole that he had set up when he first woke up. He ate his meal slowly and smiled at it. The smell of fresh cooked eggs and bacon, the fishing pole ready to go, and no worries or cares in the world.

“You and me my friend. We have some busy work to do today.”


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