Big Jump

Wind rushed past the door with an intensity that could knock even the biggest jumper on their back. He didn’t care. It was a big part of the reason he was there. The high wind, the adrenaline rush. Heights used to be a major problem. Not anymore.

He leaned out the door slightly so he could capture the view. The ground, thousands of feet below, looked like a checkerboard. The farmland, the properties, and the paved roads, all combined into one vast landscape.

He was ready to go. One step out and he could start his next journey. The only thing between him and flight were his nerves. Would he falter? Would he back out at the last minute? The last second? Was he trying to prove something? Was there anything to prove? No more questions.

He kept his eyes on the ground for several moments before raising his gaze towards the horizon. It was beautiful. The world that is. You didn’t have to fly high enough to see the curvature of the Earth, to see its beauty. He could see everything he wanted.

No more hesitation. Sometimes, you just need to go for it. He took a couple steps back. The jump master gave him a concerned look, but when he returned the look, the concerned look started to morph into a smile. They both knew.

He ran towards the door and dove out with everything he had. The wind crashed against his face and the falling sensation emerged. It didn’t last long. Falling turned into something else. Flying. He was flying. Soaring through the sky with nothing left between him and the ground but air and space.

With his arms and legs spread out and wind rushing past him, there were no words to describe it. He turned his head and looked around, carefully, so as not to disrupt his controlled and blissful descent towards the Earth. It was majestic.


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