Island of the Blue Dolphins

Book 1 of 2023

I don’t always love older or “classic” literature, but I also am not afraid to give one a try if it is a topic or plot that intrigues me. I love survival stories and, while not one of my favorite books, Island of the Blue Dolphins was definitely worth the read. I enjoy a good survival story and this was an interesting journey involving a young woman that was left behind on and island by her people. It was an island she grew up on so there was some advantage for her, but she had never been truly alone. She had to face the struggle to survive without help, training, or preparation. The actions she has to perform in order to survive involve activities that, prior to their departure, were culturally and socially expected from the males in her tribe. Fortunately for the protagonist, her father was the leader of the tribe. Give this book a read to see what she does and how she gets through her personal crucible.

Author: Scott O’Dell
Page Count: 177
Format: Paperback
Date I Completed: 01/06/2023
My Rating (Scale of 1-5): 4


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