The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles

Book 2 of 2023

This was a book that I struggled to put down. If I weren’t trying to keep my rating scale simple, I would rate this one even higher. I absolutely loved the content. It was incredibly easy, the lessons were profound and meaningful, the content was not overly complicated, and I have every intention of picking this bad boy up for another read. It was inspiring and motivating and the lessons within could be applied to any life pursuit that you can think of. It isn’t just a self help book. It had some entertainment value as well. The lessons were stories and the stories were lessons. There was more than enough to teach, but not so much that the lessons or points are lost in content overload. You can tell the author is smart enough to know, and expertly conveys, that some of the most important lessons can be taught in fewer words than most people realized.

The War of Art is a book I will read over and over because it wasn’t just great content. It made me feel better about not being the only one struggling in my journey to be a better reader and writer. If you want to be a better writer, I recommend this book. If you want to be a better reader, I recommend this book. If you want to be better at just about anything, I recommend this book. Even if you think you are the laziest person on Earth, the brevity of this book makes it perfect for you.

Author: Steven Pressfield
Page Count: 165
Format: Paperback
Date I Completed: 01/09/2023
My Rating (Scale of 1-5): 5


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