The 5th Wave

Book 3 of 2023

I am not going to go as far as saying that The 5th Wave wasn’t a good book. It was worth reading once, but this is not a book I would consider reading again. I could see how people might enjoy it and I even, to an extent, see why Hollywood might have considered turning it into a movie, but it is definitely a one an done series for me.

The character behaviors were a bit over the top for me, the character development was slow and awkward, and the action/thrill was lacking. Just when the story was starting to pick up, the book ended and I was left wanting. Not exactly the kind of want that drives me to pick up the next book without hesitation, but the kind of wanting that has me wondering whether continuing the series to get more information is worth the time.

I will say that it is nowhere near the worst book I have ever read, but it was not the kind of book that had me struggling to put it down because I was in desperate need of the next piece of the story. It was interesting enough to finish, but not so interesting that it blew my mind and continuously had me wanting more.

Do I recommend this book to others? Kinda sorta. It has its moments of intrigue and is worth the read/attempt if you are into the alien invasion or post-apocalyptic genres. It is an interesting concept and not what you typically get with either types of stories, but if you are looking for non-stop action and suspense, this might not be the series for you.

Author: Rick Yancey
Page Count: 457
Format: Paperback
Date I Completed: 01/17/2023
My Rating (Scale of 1-5): 3


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