The 100: Day 21

The 100: Day 21 is a great addition/continuation to the series. Just as much drama, suspense, and intrigue as the first book. There are definitely some cliffhangers, but they are not intolerable or annoying. It leaves you wanting more.

I don’t have much to say other than this book keeps the story going and is simple and easy to follow. The writing style is the same so there is no guess work as to whose perspective you are reading from. I also love that the story keeps you guessing, but not so much so that it is frustrating.

It is not quite a Dan Brown level thriller (young adult genre), but it definitely had me wondering what would happen next. There are times when things are predictable, but it is not to the point where the books aren’t worth reading.

Overall, I recommend this book as much as I recommend the first. They were both entertaining, easy to read and follow, and I am looking forward to reading the next.

Author: Kass Morgan
Page Count: 311
Format: Paperback
Date I Completed: 02/21/2023
My Rating (Scale of 1-5): 4


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