The 100

Book 7 of 2023

The 100 was a better read than I was anticipating. I enjoyed the first few seasons of the show but I eventually lost interest. The book is a little easier to get through, and in my opinion, much more enjoyable. The storyline of the book made more sense and was much more believable.

Each chapter identifies the perspective of who you are getting that portion of the story from and while I am not overly fond of perspective hopping, it is a much easier pill to swallow when the author identifies the point of view. I enjoy the reading experience, but I do not like having to guess who or what is talking. Kass Morgan did a fantastic job at making the reading of her books a much more enjoyable experience.

It is a young adult book so the language is clean. The character progression/evolution is reasonable and interesting to follow. Most importantly, the author gives you enough to be interested, but not too much too fast so that there is no wonder or thrill while turning the pages. It is not a series that I would go to re-read, but it is most definitely a series that I will recommend.

If you are a fan of post apocalyptic science fiction that is fairly unique, I recommend giving this series a try.

Author: Kass Morgan
Page Count: 323
Format: Paperback
Date I Completed: 02/17/2023
My Rating (Scale of 1-5): 4


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